for mid-rise to high-rise applications


 Fujitec Technologies in GLVF-D


VVVF Controlled PM Gearless Elevator is ideal for mid-rise to high-rise applications and offers a myriad of options. We have combined over 60 years of technical innovation with today's sophisticated technology to produce the industry's smoothest ride quality, dependability and safety. Our accumulated technology is specially utilized in the control panel and traction machine which are the core system of GLVF-D, for ultimate elevator performance.





FLEX-NX Advanced System for Traffic Solution


Fujitec has newly employed the Virtual Passenger Optimization Method, which virtually calculates the long-range waiting time of each passenger, based on extrapolated passenger arrival rates by travel direction at each floor, from past learned data in order to execute the group supervisory control. The system probabilistically extrapolates the number of passengers who arrive later at a stop where a hall call had already been registered or passengers who arrive at a stop where no hall call had been registered and then the system comprehensively calculates the passenger waiting time. With such a design, it is possible to accurately reflect and predict the traffic situation of the whole building for the elevator traffic control, thereby enabling a reduction in the average daily waiting time for all passengers by up to 10%.






Original and Advanced Elevator Control Technology


The latest printed circuit board which is the proprietary product of Fujitec has improved not only reliability by featuring the RlSC chip, but also performance by enabling higher processing than in our conventional products. A smoother riding experience has been ensured by building the position/speed control with a two-degrees-of-freedom (2 DOF) control system in a closed-loop system where the encoder signals are fed back, and by simultaneously controlling responsiveness and suppression of external disturbance.


VVVF Door Operator


Fujitec has developed its own exclusive door operation controlled by high efficient inverter system. Furthermore, the adoption of closed-loop signal feedback control enables smooth and precise door operation.



Regeneration to Power Device


A PWM converter is featured in high-speed models, which returns 'regenerated' power that is generated by the motor during the full-load down operations to the power supply unit. The regenerated power contributes to the overall reduction in power consumption since it can be used by other electric power equipment installed in the building. The power consumption can be reduced by about 35%, compared to an elevator system that is not provided with a PWM converter.





PM Gearless Machine


Fujitec, as a specialized manufacturer of elevator, has newly developed PM gearless machine with its state-of-art technology.


Less Pollution

Machine oil is no more required for gearless machine. By eliminating machine oil, PM-Gearless system contributes to cleaner machine room, free from hazardous waste, and thus, environment friendly.


Energy Saving

Fujitec’s exclusive inverter monitors heat dissipation from an inverter and turn off the cooling fan when it is not necessary. This newly adopted system minimizes the energy loss.







Elevator PlasmaclusterTM Ion Generating System




Fujitec’s IONFUL® is a revolutionary air cleaning technology designed to refresh air quality in the cab environment. This technology can provide cleaner air more efficiently than conventional ventilation systems. Elevator cabs can be a safe haven for unwanted odors and toxins. Incorporating the PlasmaclusterTM Ion generator into the ventilation system of the elevator car can refresh the air similar to the way the nature cleans the environment by emitting a balance of positive and negative ions, like just after a thunderstorm. This technology sends PlasmaclusterTM Ions into the entire cab through the cab’s ventilation system, effectively restoring the natural balance of ions in the air.





Strengthen the Safety Around the Doors



74% of the elevator accidents have happened around the door. Infra-red beams will run the full opening height like a beam curtain. If any of the beams is interrupted, the closing doors will stop and re-open. It enhances the detect ability of a person or an object during closing the doors.







-Automatic Voice Announcement System


By synthesized voice, automatic announcement system informs passengers of the car directions, floor arrival, door opening and closing, emergency instructions, etc.




Liquid Crystal Display (Optional specification)

- High-quality Visual Confirmation


For car operating panel, a full color “LCD” can be adopted. In addition to the car position and the direction of the travel, multiple information such as door opening and closing alert, overloaded warning and emergency instructions, etc. can be indicated.



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