What is "Plasmacluster Ion" technology?





The "IONFUL" system utilizes "Plasmacluster Ion" technology that was independently developed by Sharp Corporation. The Plasmacluster Ion generator built in the ventilation system generates positive (H+) and negative (O2-) ions from water and oxygen molecules in the air. The Plasmacluster ions have an agglutinating property to the surface of fine particles, thereby surrounding harmful substances such as airborne mold spores, viruses and allergens. Then, they initiate a chemical reaction and change into highly reactive hydroxyl radicals (OH), which rob hydrogen (H) from the harmful substances to break them down. The robbed hydrogen combines with the hydroxyl radicals to form water molecules and returns to the air.

Effects of the "Plasmacluster Ion" technology have been verified by public health research organizations throughout the world.



• Ishikawa Prefecture Preventive Medicine Association "Airborne Molds" "Airborne Fungi"

• Kitasato University Kitasato Institute Medical Center Hospital "Airborne Viruses" "Airborne Fungi"

• Kitasato Research Center of Environmental Science "Airborne Viruses" "Airborne Fungi"

• Graduate School of Advanced Science of Matter, Hiroshima University "Airborne Allergens"

• Osaka City University Medical School's Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Pathology "Airborne Allergens"

• Japan Spinners Inspecting Foundation "Adhering Odors"



•The Asthma Society of Canada "Airborne Allergens"



• The University of Lubeck "Airborne Molds" "Adsorbed Fungi"

• Professor Dr. G.M. Artmann, Aachen University of Applied Sciences "Airborne Molds" "Airborne Fungi"



• Shanghai Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention "Airborne Viruses"



• Seoul National University "Airborne Viruses"



• Retroscreen Virology Ltd. "Airborne Viruses"



• Dr. Melvin W. First, Professor Emeritus, Harvard School of Public Health "Airborne Bacteria"

• The demonstrations conducted in the above-stated organizations were surveyed by Sharp.


The PlasmaclusterIon technology is adopted in many products across industries.


The "Plasmacluster Ion" technology is widely adopted not only in Sharp's air conditioners and air purifiers, but also in toilets with a bidet, bathroom heater, fan and drying machines, 24-hour ventilation systems for housing, central air-conditioning systems for housing, automotive air conditioners, gas fan heaters, hot-water heating and drying machines, automotive air purifiers, on-board Plasmacluster Ion generators, smoking-area systems, lighting equipment, etc.



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